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The Indian Army is the biggest and the most established branch of the Indian military. It prepares the people to battle ashore and comprises of different divisions including the infantry, the artillery, and the armored corps. and so on. Other than these battling divisions, the help is another division accessible for in the armed force incorporates the supply corps, the engineers, the ordinance supply corps, military intelligence and medical staff etc. and so on. The essential duty of the armed force is to protect the geological limits of the nation and to catch for domain in case of a war.

The armed force preparing incorporates both offense and protective tasks. Notwithstanding the essential duty, the armed force is additionally called upon in peacetime to help in alleviation and safeguard activities amid common cataclysms and for counterrevolt. The vocation opportunity accessible with Indian Army is colossal. No place else you will get such marvelous chances to continually update your abilities. The armed force initiates hopefuls both for its specialized and non-specialized branches.

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How to join the Indian army?

There are many gateways to enter in Indian Army like:

SAINIK School and so on.

The army is divided into various divisions. A brief description of the division and nature of duties is listed below:


The infantry consists of troops who fight the enemy on foot using equipment including from self-loading rifles, automatic rifles, machine guns, grenades, mines, anti-tank weapons, shoulder-fired missiles and rocket launchers. Infantry troops capture and hold on to enemy positions or defend their own positions.

For high mobility, troops make use of transport including personnel carriers and jeeps. Elite commando units and paratroopers are also part of the infantry. Infantry officers and troops have to undergo intensive training in arms handling.


The artillery uses long-range field guns, multi barrel rocket launchers and missile for their maneuvers. The role of the artillery is twofold. In civilian areas the artillery uses weapons such as anti-aircraft guns and surface to air missiles to protect sensitive locations such as dams, airfields, oil rigs, power generating stations, ports etc from attack.

On the warfront the artillery uses long range field guns, multi barrel rocket launchers and missiles for their attacking and defensive operations.

Armoured Corps

The armoured corps consists of battalions of tanks and other armoured vehicles. The armoured corps can advance swiftly and are used to capture enemy territory along with the infantry. They can also defend positions by engaging enemy tanks in battle. Armoured corps is considered to be one of the most prestigious divisions of the army.


The primary responsibility of the army engineers is to quickly construct roads, bridges, airfields, helipads etc so the all the three sections of defence forces can advance rapidly. Engineers also destroy enemy bases and cause obstacles for the advancement of enemy troops. Besides these they also lay minefields and clear enemy minefields, defuse explosives and construct other infrastructure for the combat troops.


The officers and men in the signals regiment are responsible for the quick implementation and maintenance of communication links between the army headquarters and the forward positions during war time. Besides this they are also responsible for electronic warfare.

Army Service Corps (ASC)

ASC personnel are accountable for the movement of troops, vehicles, rations, petrol/diesel, arms and ammunition etc. The personnel of the ASC use road train as well as water transportation in the movement. They are also accountable for safe storage of rations, arms and ammunition, clothing and special equipment.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

The armed forces have a large number of equipment ranging from simple rifles to sophisticated missiles. Electrical and mechanical engineers are responsible for the maintenance of all the equipment of the armed forces and ensure that it is always in peak condition. The officers in this service include engineers from the field of mechanical, aeronautical, electrical, electronics, and communication engineering.

Intelligence Corps

The officers of this branch are involved in the collection, analysis and interpretation of information about the enemy troops including their movements and plans. Officers in the intelligence corps specialise in encoding and decoding messages, analysis of pictures taken by aircraft and satellite, data collection and analysis.

Ordinance Corps

The ordinance corps is responsible for procurement, storage and maintenance and issue of types of military equipment including ammunition and spares.

Army Medical Corps

The army medical corps includes doctors who provide medical care for the families of troops and officers of the armed forces. During a conflict they provide emergency medical care to the wounded officers and troops on the battlefront.

The armed forces train their own doctors and nurses at the Armed Forces Medical College and College of Nursing respectively. They also induct doctors from other medical colleges.

Nursing officers

The nursing officers nurse the officers, troops and their families in the hospitals and clinics of the armed forces.

Dental Officers

The responsibility of the dental officers is to provide dental care to the personnel of the armed forces and their families.

Education Corps

Education officers provide continuing education to the armed forces personnel especially with respect to the latest development in weapon systems, new techniques of warfare, computerization, communication systems etc.

Postal Services

The personnel in this service are responsible for looking after the postal requirement of the army. All money orders, personal letters and general mail is handled by the postal services.

Military Police

Personnel of the military police are responsible for maintaining discipline and order among the troops of the armed forces.

Judge Advocate General

This branch inducts law graduates to provide legal help to the army for handling various civil cases as well as disciplinary action against armed forces personnel.

Veterinary Corps

Some regiments of the army use animals such as horses, mules and dogs. The officers of the veterinary corps ensure the well-being of these animals.
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Every student who had cleared NDA written exam, going to start preparation for SSB interview to fulfill their dream. Candidates who want to qualify SSB at a stroke. It’s a time when you need to ask yourself is, how are you going to prepare yourself to convert this dream into reality? By now you must have realized that by going through every possible book or concentrating on your physical fitness is not enough. And unfortunately this is what every aspirant is doing. You need to work on something that will set you apart from others. SSB interview more of being your own self instead of imitating someone.

Behave like an officer

As you want to become an officer, start developing personality like officer within. If you have seen the attitude of an officer before, start noticing them how confidently they put an imprint on others. If you haven’t met one yet, then meet someone & then make an observation on them.

SSB will let you meet people with you haven’t met before. The five days of SSB will be your days of test & will help you to get your dream job. The consecutive tests are designed to check your social behavior and communication skills at extreme standards. You have to evolve from all the conditions that you face in there & try to make thing work for you.

Each day will inspire you to push harder & stay strong with it. The best way to deal with the solution is be as flexible as water. Do all the things they want you to do in the tests? Soon you will know that will cross all the obstacles & you will be passing the SSB.

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Be Yourself

SSB is not asking you to do any super natural task. They are asking to find some qualities like honesty & passion. You should be qualified & must have a learning attitude that will help you in achieving your dreams. Always be honest in all the tests in SSB.

While filling the forms like PIQ form, you should stay honest. Do not try to write something that you can’t do. During the SSB Interviews, your answers will lead your Interview. Do not write confusing answers in the form. Don’t try to be over smart.

Two Mantras: Interact and Observe

Always keep your eyes and ears open. Keep a track record what is happening around you. Remember that you should acquire knowledge to be wiser.

    These are some points where you can help yourself to be a better performer in SSB interview.
    Make good social communication with others.
    Make friends that make you a better person in life.
    Leave all the negative people who talk negative about your goals.
    Be friends with those people who have bigger ambitions than you.
    Try to do some competitive activities with them.
    Make discussion for the various topics like current affairs & social issues. Make your personal views on the topics & record them for future use. As you will start making better ways on them, you success will be more near to you.

Don’t Overcrowd Thoughts

The best part while preparing for SSB Interview is that you should stop overcrowding thoughts that comes in your mind. Always focus on positive aspects of life. You should use your brain in constructive tasks. You should think for a solution n to any problem you face in the test. Imagination will help you to know more about the problems that you have in your fronts. So do not get trapped in the negative thoughts but think of the positive thoughts where you have to work with.

There are many times when you have to listen to all the instructions that will get by the officer. You should calmly listen all of them & then start thinking about them to use it for solving a problem or completing a task. You should keep your mind free from all the problems that you have in your past; a free mind will tell you how you can understand the situation better as compared to a thoughtful brain.

Physical Fitness

Your physical fitness is a very important part of your Officer’s journey.  You should keep yourself fit in all the conditions even during NDA Written Entrance Exam. Maintain a good stamina for your body so that you can do all the tasks better than anyone else. They are expecting you as an athlete but you still should have a better body to cop up with all.

To increase your physical boundaries start following these tips written below.

    Rise early from the bed i.e. 4:00 am in the morning & make some running exercises and meditation.
    Try to overcome all the physical abilities of you.
    There are so many tasks that you need to do in the Armed forces.
    These tasks are slide, long, High jump, Zig-Zag Balance Screen jump, Burma bridge, Tarzan swing, Jumping platforms, Double Ditch, Commando walk, Tiger leap etc.
    These tasks need physical stamina & endurance.
    Always keep yourself ready with all the flows in the instructions given to you.
    Take a good diet. It is the fuel of your body. Take enough calories to burn while taking better diet than before.
    The better diet will improve your immune system for best physical fitness.
    As you should know the mental fitness & physical fitness are connected to each other. You can’t imagine a weak body with a healthy mind. Your physical fitness will help you achieve better results in terms of mind too.

Meditation and hard work is the key to success

Meditation is a very good thing to do anything in your life. It gives you calmness & concentration while working in anything. If you got control over all your senses, then you will soon get all the dreams you have. This will help you in SSB also.

Advantages of Meditation

    You can overcome through your negative thoughts.
    You can focus on your positive thoughts to work on your actual goal.
    You will feel the spiritual peace in your mind & bring better control on you.
    The happiness on you provides you peace. The main gal of meditation is to keep your happy & positive thoughts. Stay optimistic in your life with respect to all situations.
    Another quality you will get after mediation is courage. Courage is defined as the triumph over the fear. SSB will assign you many tough tasks; this quality will help to get better solutions on all the tasks. Keep your attitude fear free & you will know how soon your tasks will be done & the mission SSB will be accomplished. This attitude will also help in the training of SSB.
    Always stay humble & interact all the persons in SSB as your friend.

Bonus Tip

There are so many NDA study materials lying around on the Internet and market. You should think about the experience with the teacher & trainers. Try to get more experience on the SSB Interview with all the practices. Always learn from your good & bad experiences so as to know how you can work in the practical ground.

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Civil servants in India are so passionate and dedicated to serve the nation. They make our nation feel proud of them by their constant hard work. They fight with the evil and corruption and give our nation the definition of Real civil servant. They don’t believe in money making out of the work rather they think of the people and make their family feel proud of them. They are against the black money and works with loyalty.

Now a days people think that by joining civil services they will make money from the projects of government. But these real servants of nations have never compromised with their commitment towards nation. Because of such real time heroes we can go safely and admire our real time heroes.


Here are the list of 10 dedicated civil servants on whom our country is proud of:

1. SATYENDRA DUBEY: The civil servant who was being killed because of his dedication and commitment towards the nation. He was a sincere, dedicated and hardworking civil engineer who was assigned the project of National Highways Authority of India at Koderma in Jharkhand. During his tenure he exposed the financial irregularities and involvement of corruption while he was working on the project. He wrote letter to the former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee regarding this corruption and requested not to disclose his name. Somehow the name was leaked and he was suspiciously shot dead near the railway station of Gaya, Bihar. These sacrifices of our civil servant make you feel proud of them.

2 ARMSTRONG PAME: He is renowned as “Miracle man” of Manipur. He is leader who was not being known to everybody. He was the man who used to spend his own savings on government projects like building a road in the hills of Manipur etc. Through his initiative many people have learnt lesson from his life and  people came ahead and contribute.
3. B.CHANDRAKALA: She is holding the position of District Magistrate in Bulandhsahar and stands against the illegal practices. She has always raised her voice against corrupt officers and corruption. She publicly exposed the names of those people who are following wrong practices and are not doing justice to their position. She also exposed the brother of the member of ruling party in Uttar Pradesh with hesitating.

: He has been transferred to 20 different places in the service of 20 years that was just because of not compromising with unjust practices. He hails from Tamil Nadu, and became the first IAS officer in 2009 who has upload the details of his assets . He joined the IAS in 1991 as the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Ootacamund. In 2000, he sealed Pepsi Cola’s bottling plant near Chennai after finding dirt in many bottles. In 2012 he submitted a report to government regarding losing of 16000cr to illegal quarrying in Madhurai. His good work help him winning the heart of people. Over 5000 villagers protested against one of his transfers that proves the love of people towards him.

5. NARENDRA KUMAR: He joined as IPS in 2009 in Bihar and protested against illegal services. He was committed to withstand all the evils courageously. He protested towards stopping the illegal mining of stones spending his time in fighting with mine mafias with greater level of guts and spirit. At the age of 30, he was killed by crushing to death through a tractor. One of the member who belonged to the gang of mine mafia crushed him to death while he was fighting to stop the tractor carrying illegally mined stones. He was appointed as the Secretary of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

6. AJIT DOVAL: Ajit Doval is an IPS officer from the 1968 batch. He has made remarkable name during his tenure as an IPS officer. He played an active role in insurgencies operations in Mizoram, Punjab and Kashmir. He has done a commendable job in the termination of hijackings of 15 Indian Airlines aircraft. He also stayed in Pakistan one amongst the most riskier assignment. He later joined the intelligence bureau and is currently holding the position of National Security Adviser to PM Narendra Modi.Doval works on strategy of Strengthening, reviving and ensuring coordination among the security and intelligence apparatus that were systematically dismantled by the previous regime.

7. SHANMUGAM MANJUNATH: This brave officer worked as a sales manager for Indian Oil Corporation and worked actively to stop selling of adulterated fuel. His courageous nature and honesty made him one of the most commendable officers the country has seen. He was the one who has raised his voice against selling of adulterated fuel that was taking place in two petrol pumps at Lakhimpur Khiri, Uttar Pradesh. After this he ordered to seal these petrol pumps. He went on surprise raid and did not come back as he was shot dead by six bullets. That was a day the entire country hung its head in shame and despair.

8. SHIVDEEP WAMAN LANDE: He joined as civil servant in 2006 as an IPS officer. E is always there in the news for good reasons. He has gained great popularity in Patna. In his tenure of 10 months He arrested many criminals who were selling fake cosmetic products. He worked towards women safety and under his tenure, the crime rate of Patna dropped drastically. He was a great man with morals and ethics.  He donates 70 percent of his salary to society work which include marriages of poor girls and building hostels for poor students. He took strong action against eve teasers and has been very easily accessible to the people. It is said that he receives hundreds of messages everyday and he makes sure that each message is attended to. He also helps in eliminating illegal wine shops in his jurisdiction. When he was transferred from Patna, people of Patna took out Candle march and protested against government.

9. V. V. LAKSHMINARAYANA: Lakshminarayana is a common man who often takes the bus to work. He was a humble man and worked against corruption and exposed many corrupt officers. He became the Joint Director of Central Bureau of Investigation and handled over 19 high profile cases including the Satyam scandal, Gali Janardhana Reddy’s illegal mining case of Obulapuram Mining Company, Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy ‘s disproportinate assets case and Sohrabuddin Sheikh’s fake encounter case. He is also known for arresting Jagan Mohan Reddy and giving amazing, high impact speeches.

10 .S.R. SANKARAN: This former IAS officer was commonly known as “an ideal people’s IAS officer”. He remained unmarried so that he could serve the society and also contributed to the education of over 500 poor students. He died due to illness in 2010 but he will always be remembered as a “people’s man”. He played a crucial role in creating pro-poor policies and was the man behind the abolition of bonded labour, the creation of the special component plan for SCs & STs

We should pay our gratitude towards all these amazing officers who inspire us and help us believe that there are many people who work for good and build their name in the nation.
these are the real civil servants who has helped in wiping out the evil from the nation. All the upcoming officers should work on their footsteps. These Kind of people make us feel Proud to be an Indian.

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