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Delhi Career Group one of the most reputed institute in Chandigarh prominent for providing coaching of HAS Exams. Our growth rate is increasing upwards day by day because we focus more on quality. Students study under the guidance of IGP Baljeet Sharma. Coaching is given by our experts; they cover each single small topic and also provide tips or tricks to crack the exams.

 Some Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Entrance Exams

1) Planning

Make Sure you planned the things accordingly before you sit to study. When you start to prepare yourself for the exam, you must fully aware of topics you have to prepare so that it helps you to save your time. Planned things help to cover things on time without any inconvenience and it increases your performance to do well in exams compared to those students who do not plan things.

2)  Make a Shorter study period

Don’t keep your study period too long if you really want to be excellent in an exam. It is really better to divide your study sessions and study according to your schedule. The thing is division helps to cover the study material easily and on time, it helps to feel burden free, it can help you cover a lot of stuff at one go. Cover three-four topics continually like in 2 hours then take break for 15 minutes, and then do the same again.

3) Keep yourself far away from distractions:

This is one of the important things to keep you far away from the persons or things which distract you to prepare for the exam. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by these petty things because these took lots of your time, study somewhere at a peaceful place, keep yourself away from place lot of noise.

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HAS Coaching in Chandigarh

4) Don’t study at odd times

When we talk about odd times we mean to say is, you should avoid study at the time when you are tired or in a sleepy mood. At Odd times you do not give your full attention properly or it leads to a huge wastage of time. If you have lots to cover make notes before study then take some rest, refresh and get back to your studies. For Example: when we are tired we use to take more time to complete a work compared to when we are active and focused, So make a proper schedule which helps you to save your time.

5) Clear Doubts

The last few days are to clear the small doubts you may have, regardless of how big or small, you should never enter the exam hall with hesitation on topics that might be the ones you not ever prepared for and are now a part of the entrance exam. Once you clear your doubts, you feel simply relax, stress free and calm which surely helps you to easily crack the exam.

6) Be in a positive and Motivated Circle

Try to keep a positive mind and thoughts while you are preparing for the entrance exam. It helps you to get new ideas, tricks to prepare you for the exam. Surround yourself with the people who help you to learn more or have the mindset as yours and with those who encourage you to achieve your goal.

7) Join Test Series

Test Series and Mock tests are necessary and can be practiced to boost up your skills no matter how many times you have already solved one. Every attempt can make you realize something that you fail to catch earlier.

8) Increase your Speed

You need to make a regular effort to increase your speed and keep track of your accuracy or speed to solve the questionnaire. This is a must to cover the whole exam in the given time.

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Every student who had cleared NDA written exam, going to start preparation for SSB interview to fulfill their dream. Candidates who want to qualify SSB at a stroke. It’s a time when you need to ask yourself is, how are you going to prepare yourself to convert this dream into reality? By now you must have realized that by going through every possible book or concentrating on your physical fitness is not enough. And unfortunately this is what every aspirant is doing. You need to work on something that will set you apart from others. SSB interview more of being your own self instead of imitating someone.

Behave like an officer

As you want to become an officer, start developing personality like officer within. If you have seen the attitude of an officer before, start noticing them how confidently they put an imprint on others. If you haven’t met one yet, then meet someone & then make an observation on them.

SSB will let you meet people with you haven’t met before. The five days of SSB will be your days of test & will help you to get your dream job. The consecutive tests are designed to check your social behavior and communication skills at extreme standards. You have to evolve from all the conditions that you face in there & try to make thing work for you.

Each day will inspire you to push harder & stay strong with it. The best way to deal with the solution is be as flexible as water. Do all the things they want you to do in the tests? Soon you will know that will cross all the obstacles & you will be passing the SSB.

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Be Yourself

SSB is not asking you to do any super natural task. They are asking to find some qualities like honesty & passion. You should be qualified & must have a learning attitude that will help you in achieving your dreams. Always be honest in all the tests in SSB.

While filling the forms like PIQ form, you should stay honest. Do not try to write something that you can’t do. During the SSB Interviews, your answers will lead your Interview. Do not write confusing answers in the form. Don’t try to be over smart.

Two Mantras: Interact and Observe

Always keep your eyes and ears open. Keep a track record what is happening around you. Remember that you should acquire knowledge to be wiser.

    These are some points where you can help yourself to be a better performer in SSB interview.
    Make good social communication with others.
    Make friends that make you a better person in life.
    Leave all the negative people who talk negative about your goals.
    Be friends with those people who have bigger ambitions than you.
    Try to do some competitive activities with them.
    Make discussion for the various topics like current affairs & social issues. Make your personal views on the topics & record them for future use. As you will start making better ways on them, you success will be more near to you.

Don’t Overcrowd Thoughts

The best part while preparing for SSB Interview is that you should stop overcrowding thoughts that comes in your mind. Always focus on positive aspects of life. You should use your brain in constructive tasks. You should think for a solution n to any problem you face in the test. Imagination will help you to know more about the problems that you have in your fronts. So do not get trapped in the negative thoughts but think of the positive thoughts where you have to work with.

There are many times when you have to listen to all the instructions that will get by the officer. You should calmly listen all of them & then start thinking about them to use it for solving a problem or completing a task. You should keep your mind free from all the problems that you have in your past; a free mind will tell you how you can understand the situation better as compared to a thoughtful brain.

Physical Fitness

Your physical fitness is a very important part of your Officer’s journey.  You should keep yourself fit in all the conditions even during NDA Written Entrance Exam. Maintain a good stamina for your body so that you can do all the tasks better than anyone else. They are expecting you as an athlete but you still should have a better body to cop up with all.

To increase your physical boundaries start following these tips written below.

    Rise early from the bed i.e. 4:00 am in the morning & make some running exercises and meditation.
    Try to overcome all the physical abilities of you.
    There are so many tasks that you need to do in the Armed forces.
    These tasks are slide, long, High jump, Zig-Zag Balance Screen jump, Burma bridge, Tarzan swing, Jumping platforms, Double Ditch, Commando walk, Tiger leap etc.
    These tasks need physical stamina & endurance.
    Always keep yourself ready with all the flows in the instructions given to you.
    Take a good diet. It is the fuel of your body. Take enough calories to burn while taking better diet than before.
    The better diet will improve your immune system for best physical fitness.
    As you should know the mental fitness & physical fitness are connected to each other. You can’t imagine a weak body with a healthy mind. Your physical fitness will help you achieve better results in terms of mind too.

Meditation and hard work is the key to success

Meditation is a very good thing to do anything in your life. It gives you calmness & concentration while working in anything. If you got control over all your senses, then you will soon get all the dreams you have. This will help you in SSB also.

Advantages of Meditation

    You can overcome through your negative thoughts.
    You can focus on your positive thoughts to work on your actual goal.
    You will feel the spiritual peace in your mind & bring better control on you.
    The happiness on you provides you peace. The main gal of meditation is to keep your happy & positive thoughts. Stay optimistic in your life with respect to all situations.
    Another quality you will get after mediation is courage. Courage is defined as the triumph over the fear. SSB will assign you many tough tasks; this quality will help to get better solutions on all the tasks. Keep your attitude fear free & you will know how soon your tasks will be done & the mission SSB will be accomplished. This attitude will also help in the training of SSB.
    Always stay humble & interact all the persons in SSB as your friend.

Bonus Tip

There are so many NDA study materials lying around on the Internet and market. You should think about the experience with the teacher & trainers. Try to get more experience on the SSB Interview with all the practices. Always learn from your good & bad experiences so as to know how you can work in the practical ground.

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Developing reading newspaper habit plays a vital role of the preparations for any competition exam.  In every written examination, there is a paper in which questions are asked on current affairs, and these are highest scoring papers if you read newspapers and magazines regularly.  In interviews, the reading newspaper helps in answering questions with more confidence as newspaper reading allows you to develop argumentative abilities.

(A) Indian Newspapers are thick in size so it is impossible to read the whole newspaper in limited time.  Therefore, first of all, you have to choose as to what contents you should read regularly for your preparations for competition exam you intend to appear in next one year or so.  Some of the news items you must read in detail are:-

International / bilateral news items
Indian and world economy;
Environment and Health
Editorial pages
Articles on science and education

The topics like current political developments, local news, (like accidents, murders, theft etc.), Bollywood news etc. have no need to read in detail.
We will discuss some of the above topics in greater detail below.

(B) Secondly, while reading newspaper, you should keep your paper and pen ready.  You should mark the difficult words in news items / articles. You can also mark the news items which you could not make head and tail of that.  You should also scan through important ads issued for public interest etc.

At the end of the newspaper reading, try to find out the meaning of the words which you are seeing for first time. The news items for which you could not decipher, try to discuss these with your father / elder brother / sister / friends or teacher from best competitive exam coaching institution to get the background of that news item. This will help you to understand the topic better.

Try to relate it with the topic of the news items with the topics of the current affairs / general studies paper of the competition exam.

 (C ) Read the Editorial articles carefully.  An editorial article is usually written by senior staff of the newspapers and gives a good balanced perspective of the topic (it can be biased if the newspaper is run by a political organization etc. – avoid reading such newspapers).   These contain good English and can help you in improving your English writing skills and vocabulary.

(D) Letters to Editors: These are letters sent from readers to a newspaper, usually in reply to an article or editorial.   They often include strong opinions either support the article or opposing the views in the article.   The letters published are usually valuable and can help in building argumentative skills if you have read the article too.

(E ) International News: This section usually contains important news items across the world i.e. from other countries.  Such news items usually contain items relating to relationships between two or more countries (one country can be India), major political changes across the world, information about wars, droughts, disasters, or other events that impact the world and India in some way.

(F) Financial / Business News: This section contains business news affecting economy,  monetary policies, stock markets, new guidelines issued by regulators (e.g. RBI, SEBI).  This section is of more important for students who are looking for jobs in banks, RBI and financial markets.

Therefore, you should start reading from today itself.  Read only the relevant items which will help you in scoring better rating in your exams to clear competitive exam.

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CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) test is basically conducted for the students who are seeking to take admission to 18 colleges of NLU (National Law University) across India. CLAT exam is conducted in month of December by NUALS Kochi (The National university of Advanced Legal Studies Kochi) in which students can get admission in undergraduate and postgraduate law programmes (BA LLB, B.Com, B.Sc LLB and BBB LLB). Before going for preparation tips take a look at important dates and pattern of CLAT exam 2017 which will help you to prepare well for the examination.

CLAT Exam Pattern 2017:

The mode of CLAT exam will be organized in a computer-based. CLAT Exam consists 200 multiple choice question among five sections and time of duration will be 2 hours. This exam contains negative marking it will deduct your 0.25makrds for incorrect answer.


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