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Delhi Career Group one of the most reputed institute in Chandigarh prominent for providing coaching of HAS Exams. Our growth rate is increasing upwards day by day because we focus more on quality. Students study under the guidance of IGP Baljeet Sharma. Coaching is given by our experts; they cover each single small topic and also provide tips or tricks to crack the exams.

 Some Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Entrance Exams

1) Planning

Make Sure you planned the things accordingly before you sit to study. When you start to prepare yourself for the exam, you must fully aware of topics you have to prepare so that it helps you to save your time. Planned things help to cover things on time without any inconvenience and it increases your performance to do well in exams compared to those students who do not plan things.

2)  Make a Shorter study period

Don’t keep your study period too long if you really want to be excellent in an exam. It is really better to divide your study sessions and study according to your schedule. The thing is division helps to cover the study material easily and on time, it helps to feel burden free, it can help you cover a lot of stuff at one go. Cover three-four topics continually like in 2 hours then take break for 15 minutes, and then do the same again.

3) Keep yourself far away from distractions:

This is one of the important things to keep you far away from the persons or things which distract you to prepare for the exam. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by these petty things because these took lots of your time, study somewhere at a peaceful place, keep yourself away from place lot of noise.

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HAS Coaching in Chandigarh

4) Don’t study at odd times

When we talk about odd times we mean to say is, you should avoid study at the time when you are tired or in a sleepy mood. At Odd times you do not give your full attention properly or it leads to a huge wastage of time. If you have lots to cover make notes before study then take some rest, refresh and get back to your studies. For Example: when we are tired we use to take more time to complete a work compared to when we are active and focused, So make a proper schedule which helps you to save your time.

5) Clear Doubts

The last few days are to clear the small doubts you may have, regardless of how big or small, you should never enter the exam hall with hesitation on topics that might be the ones you not ever prepared for and are now a part of the entrance exam. Once you clear your doubts, you feel simply relax, stress free and calm which surely helps you to easily crack the exam.

6) Be in a positive and Motivated Circle

Try to keep a positive mind and thoughts while you are preparing for the entrance exam. It helps you to get new ideas, tricks to prepare you for the exam. Surround yourself with the people who help you to learn more or have the mindset as yours and with those who encourage you to achieve your goal.

7) Join Test Series

Test Series and Mock tests are necessary and can be practiced to boost up your skills no matter how many times you have already solved one. Every attempt can make you realize something that you fail to catch earlier.

8) Increase your Speed

You need to make a regular effort to increase your speed and keep track of your accuracy or speed to solve the questionnaire. This is a must to cover the whole exam in the given time.

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B.Sc. in agriculture is 4-year undergraduate degree provided by different Indian universities. The curriculum, of course, includes crop production, horticulture techniques, biotechnology and farm engineering. After getting the degree from recognized university candidate can be appointed as Research Officer, Quality Assurance Officer, Agriculture Officer, Agriculture Loan Officer (in Banks), Production Manager, Operations Manager and Farm Manager with State agriculture departments.


To join such a highly demanded career Delhi Career Group provides you some tips which help you in  B.Sc. Exam preparation:

    1. 1.  Never procrastinate, you might leave some topics pending and soon have the date of the exam hanging on your head. Check in advance whether you have all sorted and understood all topics and subjects or not.


    1. 2. Problem-solving is important and giving lengthy answers will not help. Think smart and write smartly, if a solution takes more than 8 steps to solve, take a deep breath and re-think your approach.


    1. 3. You need to make an aware effort of keeping track of your speed and accuracy to solve the questionnaire.


    1. 4. B Sc. Agriculture Mock tests and model papers are more important to practice and brush up your skills no matter how many times you have already solved one. Every attempt can make you realize something that you missed earlier.


    1. 5.Being innovative and intuitive creates a great balance at solving problems that are not from a course book. Practice does come in handy while solving a questionnaire however common sense should not be dissuaded.Always read the questionnaire with calm and do not rush into answering quickly as nothing ruins matters than being overly eager to finish first.


    1. 6. Always be positive while preparing for the entrance exam.


    1. 7. Do not enter in exam hall with hesitation for what syllabus you had prepared yet. Be calm and confident.


    1. 8. Revision is the key to keep a sound mind, as picking up more topics right in the end days of preparation will only add up to great confusion with the lesser outcome.


    1. 9. Do not bother your mind with added pressure once you clear your doubts in B.Sc. agriculture coaching classes and brush up few pointers.


    1. 10. A day before the exam, simply relax and leave the stress aside, a positive attitude and a calm mind will surely benefit you to crack the exam.


  1. 11. Don’t forget to read important instructions written on admit card before you leave for an exam.



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There are numerous coaching centers available for UGC NET in Chandigarh but you need to choose the best for your UGC NET exam preparations. How can you determine if a coaching center is the best one for you? Here are some important points that you should keep in your mind before choosing UGC NET Coaching in Chandigarh:

Check the Age of the Center: First of all you should check the age of the institute. Check how long it’s been working for the specific institute in the field of coaching. This can give you an idea if they have experience in teaching field or they are just newcomers. You must choose the one with more experience as their experience can help you learn better.

Check Past Record: You must check through the past records of the coaching institute before joining them for your UGC NET exam coaching. Check the success rate if they are getting higher success rate in previous years as it can assure you that they are legit. If a firm is not getting high success rates then there must be some issue and you should avoid such kind of institutes.

Teachers: Always make sure there are qualified, skilled and experienced teachers in an institute where you are going to get coaching for your UGC NET exam. If teachers are experienced then they are able to handle your problems in a clam and positive manner as they have dealt with it in the past. Inexperienced teachers may fail to rise to your expectations and you can get less learning from them.

Teaching Method: Always go there where you can find the advanced methods to resolve several kinds of problems. Some institute may stick to traditional way of teaching where teaching is advanced now and this can set you back from others who are learning in advanced training schools. So always make sure that you coaching institute has the tendency to change teaching methodology with the changing world.

Healthy Environment: Make sure your coaching institute provides healthy environment where no disturbance issue is found. If you find a calm atmosphere at an institute then it is worth joining it but always consider the upper points first. A place where you love to go can teach you a lot easier and in a better way.

Fully Equipped Classrooms: The classrooms may have the proper learning system installed like audio and video system separately installed for separate desks. This can help you avoid the noise outside the classroom and you can only concentrate on what you are listening and viewing.

There are some points that you should consider checking before joining any coaching center in Chandigarh for your UGC NET exam preparations. You must check these points thoroughly as your hard earned money can go in vain if you select a non professional institute where you learn nothing and lose too much. Always be smart to check before joining.

Contact Us:

Chandigarh Branch – SCO: 215-216-217, (Near ICICI Bank) Sector – 34 A Chandigarh. Mobile : 08427414076, 08427287963

Delhi Branch – C-313, Sector – 7, (Near Ramphal Chowk) Dwarka, New Delhi. Mobile, 07087785281, 07087785264.

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NDA or the National Defence Academy is one of the most prestigious institutes in India which offers a person to get into the three armed forces namely, Army, Navy and Air Force. NDA provides the students with the opportunity to get into the armed forces as an officer right after their +2 examinations. In order to get into the NDA one must clear the NDA examination.

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NDA Coaching Review Chandigarh

Since the competition is quite tough for clearing the NDA exam, people often join various coaching institutes which provide the right guidance and material required to pass the examination.One such coaching institute is Delhi Career Group. It is one the finest Coaching for NDA in Chandigarh.

Information Regarding Faculty:

Delhi Career Group has various faculties handling students from different zones. The coaching centre is situated in Chandigarh with highly experienced and dedicated Team of faculty members. The Team of faculty members include 17 people who will help the students in preparing for the NDA examination. The faculty members have a good experience in their fields. The best strategy that is followed by the experts is to equip the student with updated course material and guidelines and prepare him for cracking the NDA exam. The main motive of the institute is that all its students feel fully motivated and satisfied and are thereby prepared for taking the NDA Exam.


Courses Offered:

Delhi Career Group offers various programs (or courses) in Coaching for NDA in Chandigarh. It provides

  • 1 month crash course as well as a 4 months crash course.
  • It also provides a 2 years regular classroom program which can be done right after class 10th
  • A 1 year regular classroom program which can be done right class 11th.
  • Conduct classes on weekend basis for 2 months and 45 days, 6 months or 1 year.
  • 4 to 5 regular based batches and 6 to 7 weekend based batches.
  • Both morning and evening batches are available which helps students to choose according to their convenience.


Preparation and Other Facilities:

They have skilled and expert faculty which help the students in preparing for NDA exam in Chandigarh The main motive is that the whole prescribed syllabus is covered well within time. Doubt sessions and intensive practice sessions are also provided. They provide well managed lectures with teachers who provide computerized notes and help the students in solving their problems.

Delhi Career Group Chandigarh Institute Picture

The teachers tricks and various short cut methods which help the students to finish the exam within the time limit and with much ease. Practice sets and question banks are also provided which help the students in analysing their performance.

test series are made available to the students both online and offline for practising. Along with the coverage of syllabus and teaching short cut methods, they also provide the students with personality development classes and help them to prepare for interviews. Not only in the academics, but they also provide hostel facilities with and without food facilities as per the choice of the student.


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Many students who underwent the course offered here have passed with flying colours hence showing brilliancy of both the parties involved i.e. they themselves as well as the coaching institute. A good bunch of students have got a great score in the examination once again proving that Delhi Career Group is one of the supreme for NDA Coaching in Chandigarh.

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