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1) Anna Rajam Malhotra (IAS)

After clearing the civil services examination, when Anna Rajam Malhotra appeared for an interview the panelists suggest her to join Foreign Services or Central Services as they were more suitable for a woman and discouraged her from joining the Indian Administrative Services. But she became India’s 1st IAS Officer by stood her ground. In Mumbai, She worked with Rajiv Gandhi and performs an important role in building India’s first computerized port, Nhava Sheva.

2) Smiti Sambharwal (IAS)

An IAS Officer, Smiti Sambharwal one of the Dynamic and efficient lady also known as “People’s Officers” for addressing citizen issues by involving people and for her extraordinary work in Chittoor, Warangal, Vizag, and Karimnagar. At 4th rank, she cracks the IAS Exam. Smita got married to Akum Sabharwal an IPS officer, also from the Telangana cadre. She says that everyone should do something for society. To increase voting percentage she also initiates in “voter panduga”.

3) Riju Bafna (IAS)

Riju Bafna, In 2013 She cleared her UPCS Exam with a rank of 77. In 2011, she achieves her master’s from Delhi school of Economics after her graduation from Kirorimal College. In a public health consultancy in the Global Health practice area, she was a former employee in Cambridge Economic Policy Associates. Sexual Harassment of women in India is coming out as a crucial issue in front of every nation. She becomes an example of brave and when she files a complaint against Santosh Chaubey she proves why women should raise their voice against sexual harassment.

4) B. Chandrakala (IAS)

B. Chandrakala is an IAS Officer of 2008 UP Cadre and belongs to Tribal family and now serving as District Magistrate of Bulandshahr, UP. She lives her dreams against all differences. She was born in Garjana Palli Village Ellareddy Mandal Karimnagar Dist Telangana State. Chandrakala Crack the Civil Services exams at 409th rank, whose results were announced by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in 2008.

5) Vandana Preyashi (IAS)

Vandana Preyashi is an IAS Officer of 2003 batch and District Magistrate of Siwan, Bihar liable to conduct fair and fearless Lok Sabah elections 2009 in Bihar. She graduates from St Stephen’s College, Delhi. She inspires many women to move into civil services. Vandana Preyashi is known for being a brave and bold officer, under her supervision in Barh. In 2006 when Preyashi was the sub-divisional officer there had not been a single violent incident during the panchayat polls in Barh and Mokama.

6) Mugdha Sinha (IAS)

Mugdha Sinha is an IAS officer of the 1999 batch; she attains public attention in Ajmer District when she took on the rampant illegal mining. It ends when she is being transferred to Sri Ganganagar. With over 30-40 lakhs people, she had already served in larger districts. She had huge public support behind her with farmers, students, and traders.

7) Aruna Sundararajan (IAS)

Aruna Sundararajan is an IAS officer of the 1982 batch. In Kerala in 1998, she played an instrumental role in setting up the IT department. She also performs a crucial role in initiating Akshaya, the largest e-literacy project in which more than 1 million people were trained in basic digital skills.

8) Ritu Maheshwari (IAS)

Ritu Maheshwari an IAS Officer, According to government orders she has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Noida Authority, which also affected several other transfers. According to the orders of the Uttar Pradesh Government, Alok Tandon who has been relieved as the Noida Authority CEO replaces by the Ritu Maheshwari and she was serving as the Ghaziabad District Magistrate.

9) Vijaya Jadhav (IAS)

Vijaya Jadhav is an IAS Officer of 2015 batch; In October 2017 she had taken charge of her duties, as the Sub-divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Giridih. She was also given additional charge 10 days back of the Giridih Municipal Corporation. And now she is its executive officer. When the newsroom ask her how challenging is to work in Jharkhand she replied “I see it as an opportunity to perform better. Jharkhand is not as developed a state as Gujarat or Maharastra. These states have a system and infrastructure, which is lacking here. So there is a lot of work for the state and the residents of Jharkhand. And we as officers have to play a pivotal role in building a robust system for the state to function”.

10) T. V. Anupama (IAS)

T. V. Anupama is an Indian Administrative Service officer; her name is already famous when in 2010 she secured 4th rank in the UPSC Examination. She is popular for her bold steps against politically powerful people. She came to be known as a hard taskmaster when she took on the powerful minister in Pinarayi Vijayan’s cabinet as the District Collector of Alappuzha in 2017.

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This is the most commonly asked question, everyone want to know about. But before answering this question we will gain an understanding about our indian defence forces and learn some facts about them. At the end of this blog you will have several reasons added by some facts to answer this question.


The Indian Armed Forces are the military forces of independent India. It consists of three professional services  the Indian Army,  Indian Navy, and  Indian Air Force.  Indian defence forces are handled by  the ministry of defence  by coordinating and supervising  all agencies and functions of the government relating directly to national security and indian armed forces. The president of india is the supreme commander of the armed forces.

Young Lieutenant in the INDIAN ARMY


  1. India holds the highest battlefield in the world, the Siachen Glacier, at 5000 metres above the sea level.
  1. Indian soldiers are considered to be one of the best soldiers at high altitude and mountain warfare.
  1. Soldiers in indian Defence service are enlisted on the basis of their overall merit and fitness based on tests and trials. Far from other  government organizations and institutions in india, there are no room for reservations based on caste and religion.
  1. Operation Rahat in year 2013 was Carried out by the indian Air force was one of the biggest civilian rescue operations affected by floods in Uttarakhand.
  1. India has the largest naval academy in Asia called “The ezhimal naval academy” situated in kerela.
  1. Indian army has built the bailey bridge which is the highest bridge in the world. It is located in ladakh valley between dras and suru  rivers in himalayan mountains.
  1. Horsed Cavalry Regiment in India is one of the last 3 remaining regiments in the world.



There are many ways to serve your nation, other jobs also serve the nation. But securing and serving your nation on the cost of life is above all and is incomparable.  A soldier faces many obstacles while serving the nation, but motivation, robustness,  leadership and  going beyond the limits to secure the nation means everything.


In this current economy having a righteous and respected government  job is the best because of the job security.The pay scales are also very handsome(specially after sixth and seventh pay commission reports, the salary of a lieutenant is approximately Rs. 65000/- per month).Added by the allowances that an army officer gets are flying pay, high altitude allowances, sailing allowances, island allowances, pilotage allowance, driving allowance, submarine allowance, commando allowance, etc.


Serving your country and experiencing difficult situations sets a base for a very adventurous career  that is nothing like a regular 9 to 5 job. you might  get the chance to climb mountains and encounter dangerous situation in extreme environment.


In armed forces one has to be physically fit, it is the integral part of their lifestyle. Regular excercise keeps a soldier physically fit and active during his service duration and after that for the lifetime.This is the only job that allows you to play sports and indulge in other physical activities.   


Discipline is the backbone of the defence forces and every soldier follow these rules to work in an organized manner that keeps life in a pattern. It allows their mind and body to stay sharp and active for the lifetime.


On retirement,  an army-man will receives a big amount(provident fund and other savings) apart from that he will gets the pension throughout his life. The experience they gain in Defence force helps them to establish a new buisness after the retiremnet.

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Positioned as the seventh biggest nation on the planet and flanked by a couple of troublesome acquaintances, it is certainly a Powerful task to protect a nation like India. Yet, nothing can be too enormous a responsibility for us Indians. We know exceptionally well how to shield ourselves from terrorists and rebel attacks. We might get thumped down, yet we get up once more… Continuously. On account of, we have exclusive Special Forces. Here are 9 Indian Special forces on them Indians should be proud of. Continue reading “9 Indian Special Forces That Are Among the Best in the World”

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