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To get eligible for NDA SSB interview round one must clear NDA written exam conducted by UPSC. Once you clear NDA exam you will be eligible and will be called for SSB round which consist of the stages. Once theses stages are cleared the candidate gets joining letter for NDA.

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Young Lieutenant in the INDIAN ARMY

SSB Interview has Two Stages

Stage 1 – Written test, Picture perception and Discussion Test

Stage 2 – Psychological test, Group task and Interview round

These stages are conducted in schedule of 5 days.

Day #1

For Navy and Army:

On the First day of SSB round first test is taken i.e. Officer intelligence rating test which is quite easy if you manage your time well. After that there will be  PPDT (Picture perception and discussion test). In this round you will be shown a picture and you will be asked to write about your perception about that picture and then were taken for discussion.

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Next step is the Discussion round in which candidates are divided into groups. Where candidate has to add 3-4 valuable points to get selected for next round. Main tip for group discussion is how actively you start discussion and take part in it. Your 1 line can select you if it is effectively narrated. Your way of participating in discussion matters a lot and story comes after that.

For Air Force

If you get call for AFSB then you have to take PAT (Pilot aptitude test) and PABT (Pilot Aptitude battery test) For PAT there will be quiz and for PABT they check your ability as pilot it is simulator test. If candidate want to become pilot in air force then these exams are must.

Day #2

On second day there will be series of physiological tests namely TAT (Thematic Appreciation test), WAT (Word association Test), SRT( situation Reaction Test), SDT (Self Description Test).

  1. In TAT you have to write a story by observing a picture for 30 secs.
  2. In WAT you will be given 60 words in sequence and in 15 second you need to write any phrase/sentence that comes to your mind.
  3. For SRT you will be given hypothetical situation and you have to write the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of that situation
  4. SDT round you need to be true to yourself and to others. Don’t try to bluff.the personal interview will be of 30-60 mins. There will be 2-3 persons in panel who will ask you tough, personal and extrapolative questions.

If you are good at logical part it takes no longer to clear this round. For WAT newspaper reading will help.

Day #3

On Third day physical activity based test will be conducted. There will be set of group task, command task and individual task in which the candidate need to take 9 tasks which comprises of Group Discussion (GD), GPE or MPE group/military planning exercise, progressive group task (PGT), Snake race, Lecturette, half group task(HGT), Individual obstacles, Command task and Final Group Task (FGT).  There will be group debate also.

Give 4-5 points in group discussion. GTO round drills the candidate on some questions about family and navy and answer the questions confidently. Your team spirit, organizational skills and commanding skills are tested in this round. You will be  asked questions from Science, sports, navy and current affairs.

Day #4

On This day there ill be conference round. There will be de la-ration of the result of the candidates who will go to medical round.

Day 5

Medical screening of the candidate once the candidate qualifies this test he will get the joining letter.

Main tip to clear SSB round is present yourself truly. Don’t give fake statements as you will have counter questions in that.

Act smart and confident to clear this SSB round.

All the Very Best !!

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Harvard University

Haverd University

Harvard University is comprised of 11 important scholastic units – ten resources. The ten resources regulate schools and divisions that offer courses and honor scholarly degrees.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT Group puts stock in building up the general identity of its understudies keeping in mind the end goal to make future dependable worldwide nationals. Henceforth, bestowing preparing is done taking into account the five standards of the MIT’s comprehensive improvement strategy –


  • To build up a soul of request and accomplish Academic Excellence
  • To instill a feeling of order and character
  • To build up a soul of Social Commitment.
  • To advance a Culture of Peace in the general public.
  • To construct a solid Industry – Institute Interface

MIT has navigated the way of quick improvement in instruction, alongside the country, frequently reacting decidedly too changed needs and on occasion starting critical changes. We have advanced in twenty-six years by overcoming intense obstacles set more by impediments of deduction in that time, instead of absence of capacity, to land at a point where we can investigate the immeasurability of information and potential outcomes on the worldwide canvas.

Stanford University, Palo Alto


With a 4:1 Student-Faculty proportion, the acknowledgment rate at Stanford is 6% – like Harvard.



Caltech is an acclaimed science and Engineering exploration and training establishment, where unprecedented personnel and understudies seek for answers, find new learning, lead advancement, and change our future.

National Defence Academy


The National Defense Academy is a notable organization and sign of worldwide fabulousness in the circle of military instruction. Throughout the years it has developed as an extraordinary military institute, drawing in the best of youth from our country furthermore from amicable remote nations and changing them into officers and men of their word.Vwr  Fewest applicants out of thousands who Clear the NDA written exam and get into National Defence Academy.

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

IIT Delhi

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is an open examination college situated in Delhi, India.  The students of Indian Institute of Technology is also known as IITian .The grounds of the Institute reaches out to a territory of 320 sections of land, and has an acknowledgment rate of 2.5% through the Joint Entrance Examination(JEE).

Yale University

Yale University

It draws in with individuals and foundations over the globe in the mission to advance social comprehension enhance the human condition.

Princeton University, New Jersey


Perceived all around for scholastic brilliance, Princeton University is a dynamic group of grant and learning. Princeton gives a scholarly and social setting where understudies rapidly can get to be dynamic individuals from the grounds group. From the principal day of class to Commencement, the open doors for self-awareness are innumerable.

We hope this information will be helpful for you in searching top colleges.

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