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Delhi Career Group (DCG Defence Academy) Facilities

RIMC Exam, Its Eligibility Criteria, Course Syllabus & Selection Process

Here’s everything you need to know about the RMS Exam. You can also speak to our counsellors if you wish to know more or address any doubt about the RMS Exam.


Rashtriya Military schools were established as King George’s Royal Indian Military schools to take care of the education of the sons of defence personnel. In 1952, the schools were reorganized on Public School lines and admissions were made open to the sons of Defence Service Officers and civilians. In 1954, the school became member of the Indian Public Schools Conference (IPSC) and continues to be an active member till date.

The schools were renamed Military Schools in 1966 and its old motto, ‘Play the Game’ was replaced with ‘Sheelem Param Bhushanam’ which means Character is the Highest Virtue. On 25th Jun 2007, the schools got their present name “Rashtriya Military School”. The school has several of its alumni occupying high positions in the Armed Forces and in other sectors doing stellar service to the motherland.

List of schools under RMS

RMS Ajmer RMS Bangalore RMS Chail RMS Dholpur RMS Belgaum

Rashtriya Military School Admission 2023-24 Eligibility Criteria

Before filling the online application form for Rashtriya Military School admission 2023-24, students have to satisfy the below mentioned eligibility criteria- RMS Age Limit – Class 6 Admission- Students between the age of 10-11 years are eligible to fill the Rashtriya Military School admission form 2023-24. Candidates should be born between 01 April 2011 to 31 March 2013, both days, inclusive.
Class 9 Admission- Students between the age of 13-14 years are eligible to fill the RMS admission form 2023-24. They should be born between 01 April 2008 to 31 March 2010, both days inclusive.
Sons of war Widows/JCOs/OR Killed in Action can avail maximum 06 months of age relaxation.

Educational Qualification

For Class 9– Class 8th pass students or students studying in Class 8 can apply for RMS admission 2023-24.
For Class 6 – Class 5th pass students or students studying in Class 5 can apply for RMS admission 2023-24.

Medical Exam

Student should be medically fit as Declared by the Medical Board at the time of admission in Rashtriya Military School.

RMS Exam Pattern for Class 6

Subject Marks No. of Questions Qualifying marks
English 50 40 35%
Mathematics 50 40 40%
General Knowledge 50 50 40%
Intelligence Test 50 50 40%

RMS CET Exam Pattern 2023-24 for Class 9

Papers Subject Marks No. of Questions Qualifying marks
Paper 1 English 50 50 50%
Hindi 20 20
Social Science 30 30
Paper 2 Science 50 50 50%
Maths 50 50

Rashtriya Military School Entrance Exam Syllabus

  • Section-1 English

Spelling, One Word Answers/ Fill in the Blanks, Prepositions, Comprehension Passages, Antonyms and Synonyms, Framing Questions, Homonyms, Singular and Plural Forms, Sentence Types (Interrogative, Positive, Negative, Exclamatory)Composition/ Paragraph Writing, Make Meaningful Sentence from Jumbled Words, Affirmative and Interrogative, Constructing Sentences with Words, Articles
  • Section - II Intelligence Test
Puzzle, Image,Verbal and Non-verbal, Direction Sense, Sequence, Coding and Decoding, Analogy Test, Assigning Correct Mathematical Signs, Relationship of Analogy, Relationship, Same Class, Confusing Instructions, Completion of Series, Jumbled Spelling, Alphabetical Arrangement of Words
  • Section - III Mathematics
Number System Place Value and Face Value of Numbers, Writing Greatest and Smallest numbers, Comparison of Numbers, Rounding off numbers, Number Patterns and Series, LCM &HCF, Fundamental Operations on number including BODMAS rule, Prime Factorisation, Squares and square roots.
Commercial Mathematics Time and work, Profit & Loss with Percentages,Preparation of cash bills, Percentages, Measurement of Temperature in degree Celsius, Ration and Proportion, Unitary Method, Arithmetic Mean, Simple Interest, Degree Fahrenheit Time & Distance including conversion of units
Decimals & Fractional:- BODMAS Rule, Simplifications, Fundamental Operations, comparisons, squares and square roots, Lowest form and equivalent fractions, Conversion of fractions to decimals or percentages, applications including word problems
Menstruation: Circumference and area of circle, Conversion of Units of Area and Volume, Volumes of solids, cube and cuboids, Perimeter & areas of triangle – rectangle – square with diagrams,
Geometry: - Classification of angles, Basic Geometry concepts such as line, point, line segment, ray, etc, Circle and its parts,Quadrilaterals and polygons, Construction of line segments, Quadrilaterals, Circles, Interior and exterior of given figures, Angle sum property of triangles, Angles & Triangles,
  • Section - IV General Knowledge & Current Affairs
Sports, History & Geography, Awards, General Science, Committee & Commission, International Organisations, Inventions and Inventors, Books and Authors, Some Historical Events / Land Marks, Classical Dances of India, Constitution, Science & Health, Environment & Pollution, Some Important Geographical Terms, Important Events of World History, Economics & Population, Popular persons & Places etc, States of India, Union Territories, First in India, Important Towns on Rivers, Countries, Capitals and Currencies, India – Important Facts, Our Defence Forces, Atomic Power Stations in India, Important Days, Some Games and Sports Terms, Some Abbreviations, National Parks and Wild Life Sanctuaries in India.

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