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ISS Coaching in Chandigarh

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Delhi Career Group has been aptly recognized as high-quality ISS training Institute in Chandigarh. The Institute has been running with full dedication, to allow the candidates to recognize their dream careers. Delhi career organization is the greatest, the oldest and NO.1 ISS coaching In Chandigarh for officer level entry into ISS (Indian Statistical Services).

Delhi Career Group is being the best institute for providing coaching for various government competitive exams. The prime factor of Best ISS Coaching Center in Chandigarh is to guide, inspire and empower an athlete or team to achieve their full potential. The institute has been extra operational than a year and it has a huge fulfillment in the entire course established a name for itself.

Best ISS coaching institute in Chandigarh

Delhi Career Group is considered as Top ISS Exam Coaching In Chandigarh. Thousands of students tie up with us and hence able to clear the exam with good marks. Some of the students rank on high post after clearing entrance exam. ISS Coaching Institute in Chandigarh believes to serve you the best of our capacity by hiring unique faculty and strategy for each and every subject. The environment is absolutely conducive to studying and the applicants get the great exposure to exploit their abilities.

DELHI CAREER GROUP is being the best for providing Coaching for Government competitive exams. We have given a marvelous result on the field of teaching, LAW, Banking Sector, and so on. Several of the aspirants have cleared their exams with the help of our masters and got job in government department. Every year many candidates’ who wants to serve to their nation got success in the field of defence services NDA, CDS. Delhi Career Group is giving best preparing classes for NDA, CDS coaching in Chandigarh. Here is full detail of courses that we provide coaching for them.

At ISS Preparation Institute in Chandigarh, you will get the stuff of all exceptional matters, be it precise study material or an interacting lecture room to ensure the highest fulfillment of the aspirants. We have the bunch of brilliant and dynamic faculty members who motivate to face the different challenge which inspire the students to crack the exam.

Highlight Key Points of Delhi Career Group:

  • Regular classroom coaching of seven days for ISS exam
  • Focus on strong concepts building & shortcut tricks
  • Healthy and elegant environment
  • Small batches for easy concentration, so that our mentors should pay attention to each and every candidate
  • Exhaustive study material+ booklets are provided by us for better result in ISS exam.
  • Focus on Individuals performance individual counseling and analytic
  • Regular class test are conducted to improve the performance of the candidate.
  • Unique magnificence for personal improvement
  • We provide the candidates with the ability of weekend batches and overdue training to focus attention on week students and correct the aberrations.
  • About ISS

    ISS stand for Indian Statistical Service is the combined competitive examination which conducted by UPSC for recruitment to Grade IV officers of the services of Indian Economic and Indian Statistic.

    ISS Exam Pattern:

    ISS exam consists two parts; part I and part II, Part I is written exam and Part II is Viva- Voce. ISS written exam contains maximum marks 1000. Statistics I & II are of Objective Type Questions (80 questions with maximum marks of 200 in each paper) to be attempted in 120 minutes. Statistics III & IV are of Descriptive Type having Short Answer/Small Problems Questions (50%) and Long Answer and Comprehension problem questions (50%).

    Eligibility Criteria for ISS exam:

    Educational Qualification:

    A students for the Indian Statistical Service should have obtained a Bachelor's Degree with Statistics/Mathematical Statistics/Applied Statistic as one of the subject or a Master's degree in Statistics/Mathematical Statistics/Applied Statistic from a University incorporated by an Act of the Central or State Legislature in India or other Educational Institutes established by an Act of Parliament or declared to be deemed as University under Section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956 or a Foreign University approved by the Central Government from time to time

    Aspirants for the Indian Economic Service must have obtained a Post-Graduate Degree in Economics/Applied Economics/Business Economics/Econometrics from a University incorporated by of an Act of the Central or State Legislature in India or other Educational Institutes.

    Age limit:

    Syllabus for IAS (Indian Statistical Services) Exam 2017

    General English:

    Students could be required to jot down an essay in English. Other query may be designed to test their expertise of English and workmanlike use of words. Passages will usually be set for summary.

    General studies:

    General expertise together with know-how of modern-day events and of such matters of every day statement in their medical aspects as can be anticipated of an educated man or woman who has not made a unique examine of any scientific challenge. The paper can even encompass query of Indian polity including the political gadget and the constitution of India, records of India and geography of a nature which the candidate must be capable of solution without unique look at.


    Elements of measure theory, Classical definitions and axiomatic approach, Sample space, Class of events and Probability measure Probability of m events out of n. Conditional in probability, Laws of large numbers and central limit theorems for independent variables, Conditional expectation and Martingales.

    Statistic Methods-

    (a) Frequency distribution, Measures of location, dispersion, and kurtosis. Curve fitting and orthogonal polynomials of the correlation coefficient, compilation and presentation of data, Charts, diagrams and histogram.

    (b) Rank order statistics-minimum, maximum, range and median, Non-parametric tests-Goodness of fit, sign, median, run, Concept of Asymptotic relative efficiency

    Numerical Analysis-

    Interpolation formulae (with remainder terms) due to Lagrange, Newton-Gregory, Newton Divided different, , Inverse interpolation Numerical integration and differentiation Difference equations of the first order, Linear difference equations with constant coefficients

    Linear models-

    Theory of linear estimation, Gauss-Mark off setup, Least square estimators, Use of g-inverse, analysis of one-way and two way classified data-fixed, mixed and random effect models.


    Characteristics of good estimator, Estimation methods of maximum likelihood, minimum chi-square, moments and least squares optimal properties of maximum likelihood estimators, Complete statistics, Confidence interval estimation Optimum confidence bounds.

    Hypotheses testing and statistical quality control-

    (a) Hypotheses testing - Power function, Most powerful and uniformly most powerful tests, Simple and composite hypothesis. Different types of critical regions and similar regions.

    (b)Statistical quality control: Control Charts for variable and attributes. Acceptance Sampling by attributes-Single, double, multiple and sequential Sampling plans; Concepts of AOQL and ATI; Acceptance Sampling by variables-use of Dodge-Romig and other tables

    Sampling Techniques:

    Simple random sampling with and without replacement, Stratified sampling and sample allocation, Ratio and Regression methods of estimation, Sampling with probability proportional to size etc

    Design and Analysis of Experiments-

    Construction and analysis of balanced and partially balanced incomplete block designs, Layout and analysis of completely Factorial experiments and confounding in 2n and 3n experiments, Analysis of covariance etc>/p> Economic Statistics-

    Autoregressive models of first and second order. Concentration curve, Methods of estimating national income, Components of time series, Methods of their determination difference method, Inter-industry table


    Multi-co linearity, errors in variable model, Simultaneous equation models-Identification, rank and other conditions. Indirect least squares and two stage least squares, Short-term economic forecasting etc.

    Stochastic Processes-

    Random walk and Gambler's ruin problem. Poisson process, Birth and death process; applications to Queues-M/M/I and M/M/C models, Branching Process etc

    Operations Research-

    Elements of linear programming, Simple procedure, Principle of duality, Transport and assignment problems, Single and multi-period inventory control models, ABC analysis, General simulation problems etc.

    Computer Application and Data Processing-

    (A) Computer Application-

    Computer System Concepts-

    The Central Processing unit, Main memory, Bit, Byte, Word, Input/output Devices, Computer system components and functions, Speeds and memory Capacities in computer systems etc

    Software concepts-

    Overview of Operating Systems, Types and Functions of Operating System, application Software, Software for multi-tasking, Concept of System Support Programme, Overview of Existing Software packages on Word Processing and Spreadsheets.

    Overview of An Application Specific Programme- Flow charts, Basics of Algorithm, Fundamental of design and analysis of Algorithm; Basics of data structure, Queue, Stack Data Processing- Digital Number System, Number conversions, Binary representation of integers, records, files, Fundamentals of data transmission and processing including error control and error processing. Data Base Management-

    Data Resource management, Data base and file organization and processing.(a) Direct, (b) Sequential, (c) Indexed Sequential file. Concepts of Client Server architecture, Data Base Administrator, An overview of DBMS software

    Why to Join Delhi Career Group for ISS exam preparation in Chandigarh?

    Join India’s Top ISS Entrance Exam Coaching in Chandigarh will be very helpful, because it provides you coaching from various manners and allows you best facilities to clear the different entrance exam. So, ISS Preparation Center in Chandigarh is the famous point for taking coaching for ISS exam.

    We additionally offer weekend batches particularly for worker students. ISS Written Exam Coaching in Chandigarh offers you vast study material with relevant notes, booklets, and remaining yr solved papers for practice. Everyday test are conducted to make the students ideal for the final exam. Last Year question papers are also included and unique class is originated for clearing doubts of the aspirants. ISS exam Coaching Center in Chandigarh provides you classy infrastructure, best facilities in classroom with proper air conditioning, proper audio and video class, hydrated water supply, friendly environment, etc. ISS Coaching Academy in Chandigarh takes pleasure in sharing that it has maintained to deliver high success outcomes from past year students. Delhi Career Group is the renowned Coaching institute For ISS Exam in Chandigarh.

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