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The demand of Merchant Navy Coaching Institutes in Chandigarh increasing day by day. Because Companies are now recruiting large numbers of students for various staff. Merchant navy coaching centre in Chandigarh is Delhi career group. At the cutting edge, dream of students who has a tendency towards merchant navy. Delhi career group is the Best Merchant Navy Coaching Classes in Chandigarh. We offer expert and skilled mentor for the students. Our teachers cover the conceptual clarity to students. It is from Top Coaching Institutes for Merchant Navy Exam in Chandigarh, because notes are prepared by us and made by their own faculty according to the exam pattern. We offer brilliant Coaching Classes for Merchant Navy Preparation in Chandigarh.


The Merchant Navy is a non military economic fleet, which accord with transporting baggage and infrequently, Passengers, through sea. Its fleet is therefore composed of large vessels (ships) such as Passenger vessels, cargo liners which carry cargo or oil tankers as well as other special types of transportation.

All fleets are belong to Indian or foreign shipping companies. Absolutely, Merchant Navy is the determination of worldwide trade. . Beyond the Merchant Navy most of the import and export business may grind to an end.

Today, the ships are eminently sophisticated and automation exhaustive security and adeptness of ship are critical and dependable on the competent strength, capacity and dedication to duty, on board of ship. Now days, there are several number of opportunities to bring in a reasonable manner pleasant salaries but t it also offer equally scholarship at young age. There are number of institute which offers Merchant Navy coaching in Chandigarh for the preparation of the merchant navy written examination.

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In Merchant Navy, life is totally adventurous and long journey to mysterious. The officer’s life in the Merchant Navy one can expect a different and reputed lifestyle that can take you any place in world. Merchant Navy as a progress:

  1. Scholarship in terms of commercial wealth and awareness.
  2. Exposure to various people, land and civilization.
  3. Leadership quality, ability to tackle problems and positive attitude towards every situation.
  4. Build not just a career, but also generate character too.
  5. Expert sailors are deeply in demand in different extent just like us as shipping companies, Repair Yards, Classification societies, Hotel and Hospitality industry, Power plants and many more.


Deck Cadet (DGS + IMU scheme) – leading to B.SC. Nautical science :

  1. Educational qualification: Pass / appearing in 12th class from affiliated universities above 60% in PCM.
  2. With physics as an individual subjects in one of the years of B.SC. In PCM or electronics with an average of above 50% from UGC /DEC recognized university.
  3. B.E./B.TECH degree from college recognized by AICTE.
  4. Should pass English subject above 50 % marks either in 10th or 12th class.
    Age: Above 25 years.
    Medical: 6/6 eye sight and no color blindness.


    Educational qualification: Pass / appearing in 12th class from affiliated universities above 60% in PCM.

    pass English subject above 50 % marks either in 10th or 12th class.

    Age: Above 25 years.

    Medical: 6/6 eye sight and no color blindness.

    Marine Engineering (TME):

    Educational qualification: Pass / appearing in 12th class from affiliated universities above 60% in PCM.

    Should pass English subject above 50 % marks either in 10th or 12th class.

    Age: Above 25 years.

    Medical: Use of corrective lenses permitted but the maxi. Permissible limits at entry are +_ 2.5 and no color blindness.

    Some companies/ Institute of shipping have their own eligibility criteria for their intake.


    In the written Exam, Exam pattern are given below:

  5. English
  6. Science
  7. Mathematics
  8. General Knowledge.
  10. Mathematics Syllabus
  11. Arithmetic
  12. Number System-
    1. Natural numbers
    2. Rational and Real numbers
    3. Addition
    4. Multiplication
    5. Square roots
    6. Decimal fractions
    7. Division
    8. Subtraction
    9. Fundamental operations
    10. Integers
      Unitary method
    1. Time and work
    2. Applications to simple and compound interest
    3. Ratio and proportion
    4. Time and distance
    5. Percentages
    6. Profit and loss
    7. Variation
    Elementary Number Theory
    1. Prime and composite numbers
    2. Multiples and factors
    3. H.C.F. and L.C.M. Euclidean algorithm
    4. Laws of logarithms
    5. Division algorithm
    6. Tests of divisibility by 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 11
    7. Factorization Theorem
    8. Logarithms to base 10
    9. Use of logarithmic tables
    1. Basic Operations
    2. Remainder Theorem
    3. Solutions of quadratic equations
    4. Simple factors
    5. H.C.F., L.C.M. Theory of polynomials
    6. Relation between its roots and coefficients (Only real roots to be considered)
    Simultaneous linear equations in two unknowns
    1. Analytical and graphical solutions
    2. Practical problems leading to two simultaneous linear equations or in equations in two variables or quadratic equations in one variable & their solutions.
    3. Simultaneous linear equations in two variables and their solutions.
    4. Set language and set notation.
    5. Rational expressions and conditional identities.
    6. Laws of indices.
    1. Sine x, cosine x, Tangent x when 0 deg < x < 90 deg
    2. Simple trigonometric identities
    3. Values of sin x, cos x and tan x, for x = 0 deg, 30 deg, 45 deg, 60 deg and 90 deg
    4. Simple cases of heights and distances
    5. Use of trigonometric tables
    1. Lines and angles
    2. Properties of angles at a point
    3. Plane and plane figures Theorems on
    4. Sides and angles of a triangle
    5. Congruency of triangles
    6. Parallel lines
    7. Concurrence of medians and altitudes
    8. Properties of angles, sides and diagonals of a parallelogram, rectangle and square Circles and its properties including tangents and normal
    9. Similar triangles
    10. Loci
    1. Rectangles
    2. Areas of squares
    3. Triangle and circle
    4. Surface area and volume of cuboids
    5. Volume and Lateral surface of right circular cones and cylinders
    6. volume and Surface area of spheres
    7. Parallelograms
    8. Areas of figures which can be split up into these figures (Field Book)
    1. Collection and tabulation of statistical data
    2. volume
    3. Histograms
    4. Measures of central tendency
    5. Bar charts, pie charts etc.

    Merchant Navy Sponsorship exam Coaching in Chandigarh

    A maritime sponsoring employer will cover your merchant military education course fees and even your dwelling fees. There are 3 types to look out for: a shipping or deliver management corporation, a training control organization or a charitable corporation. Sponsorship right here manner which you had been earmarked through a organization that upon completion of your pre-sea course you may be educated onboard their ship and located as Deck Cadet where you also are entitled to get hold of stipend during your education period. Delhi career group is an Institute which is known for giving top Merchant Navy sponsorship coaching in Chandigarh.

    Delhi Career group is pleased to introduce our self as a service provider for Merchant navy sponsorship exam in India. DCG provide knowledge best Merchant navy sponsorship exam coaching in Chandigarh. individuals who are definitely seeking out a professionally hard or a career exchange. you could paintings with a number of the pleasant marine corporations within the world. We here provide you the richest high-quality in professional talents and Merchant Sponsorship Navy Entrance. Delhi career group offerings provide a productive, active, dynamic and superior studying environment Merchant navy sponsorship company and supporting you to broaden your professional skills to meet the worldwide requirements. we’re completely dedicated to offer the satisfactory training for marine services to shape and train you and achieve global elegance professional standards for individuals who are in search of employment in the area of service provider military Our academy provide coaching for Merchant navy sponsorship test in Chandigarh. Delhi Career Group assumes a critical part to prepares students for best merchant Navy Sponsorship job consultancy in Chandigarh.

    Eligibility criteria:-
    1. There are two Batches in a Year. 1st batch starts in 1st week of February while 2nd begins in 1st Week of August.
    2. Basic eligibility is:12th pass out with minimum 60% in PCM.
    3. Minimum 50% in English in 10th or 12th.
    4. Above are the minimum Eligibility criteria laid down by the University while the Sponsoring shipping companies may keep slightly higher cut offs.
    Sponsorship Test :-

      This test have 3 phase of examination after Successfully passed this exam you will get 100% sponsorship by best company.
      These 3 phase given below:-

    1. Written offline/online test.
    2. Psychometric / physical fitness test.
    3. Medical test & personal Interview.
    Benefit of getting sponsorship:-
    1. In now a days situation, almost no shipping companies recruit any more energizing candidates, who completed the pre-sea course as an “NON-subsidized” so that they should face of loads of issues in getting jobs.
    2. joining any service provider navy direction as a “subsidized” candidate will one 100% assures your process & Placement after successful completion of course. So in short “Getting Sponsorship from any permitted transport agency will comfy your present & future as properly.
    Merchant Navy Coaching Academy in Chandigarh

    Why to Join Delhi Career Group for Merchant Navy Coaching

    DELHI CAREER GROUP, we provide you the best coaching for Merchant Navy.

    DCG is the No. 1 Merchant Navy Academy in Chandigarh. In their classes, no distraction in the class room, suitable surroundings, proper regular lectures, online test series and topics of group discussion. Now days, it becomes exclusive Merchant Navy Entrance Exam Coaching Center in Chandigarh .optimum numbers of students in the batches. Weekend batches are also provided. Quicks tricks and methods to crack problems easily in minimum time.

    We also provide Merchant Navy Early Morning, Late Evening Coaching Training in Chandigarh. Delhi career group is Best Coaching Centers for Merchant Navy Exam Preparation in Chandigarh. We have fantastic and professional teachers for subjects who are qualified from govt. Affiliated universities. It is the Best Result Producing Institutes for Merchant Navy Exam in Chandigarh.

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